• Arguing is sometimes necessary, but it must be well done.
  • I have always been involved in civil, commercial and employment litigations on behalf of small and medium-sized companies for over 20 years.
  • To be precise, with reference to the civil law, the disputes that I have followed have had as their object the following contracts: sale, lease, contract, mandate, transport, insurance, leasing, franchising, mortgages and sureties.
  • In the field of commercial law, I dealt with disputes concerning: distribution of profits, rights to inspect corporate documents, directors’ fees, rights of the minority shareholder.
  • Finally, in labor law, I have been able to deal with proceedings concerning: voluntary resignation, recognition of the subordinated nature of the employment, fixed-term contracts, administration contracts and, finally, appeal of dismissal (both individual and collective).

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  • Labour litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Civil litigation