People and Organization Advisory Team studies the behavior of people in the workplace and in the performance of their professional activity in relation to interpersonal relationships, the tasks to be performed, the rules and functioning of the organization.


We derive the models and theories of psychology and applies them to the work environment, trying to promote both maximum well-being for the people who work and maximum benefit for the organization they work for


Improve psychological conditions, motivation and relationships with role interlocutors, with the company and with the working environment in general.


Our fields of application are above all: personnel management, leadership, selection, evaluation, professional training, communication and relationships, group dynamics, work motivation, the system reward, career development.

Our main people and organization advisory services are:

  • Assessment adsvisoy services: we offer tailored advice to help identify your priorities to support and explore the challenges in your existing assessment processes;
  • Psychometrics: Psychometric tests are a method of measuring an individual’
    s aptitude, abilities or behavioural style, and are often used as part of selection to determine an applicant’s suitability for a role. Psychometric tests can also be used in development settings to enhance selfawareness and promote team cohesion;
  • Development: individual, talent and team development
  • Research and Innovation